Feel Good Ads for 2016

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Suffering from a case of the back-to-work blues? We rate the Top 5 Feel Good Ads to get you back into the groove for 2016.

From pool-side dancing, to beach workouts, these brands are here to motivate you.

1. Thomas Cook’s Official New TV Advert 2015

Holidays are about letting go, which is something UK travel agent Thomas Cook demonstrate in its most recent ad. Created by Albion, the spot was launched in UK cinemas during the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens screenings in December, and is ideal content for an online audience with its infectious choreography, catchy beats and dynamic pace. This little boy shows that holidays are all about shaking off those day-to-day stresses. His happy-go-lucky attitude and funky moves are not only a quick fix for anyone suffering with the January blues, but inspire consumers to be spontaneous with booking their holidays. Wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks and a shark fin strapped to his back, this boy personifies self-confidence and spontaneity, aligning the brand with a positive message for 2016.

2. Virgin Active: We’ve got a workout for that

Whilst it’s clear an active lifestyle helps decrease your health risks and improve your overall wellbeing, Virgin Active show viewers the less obvious gains from working out. Who knew training could help you dodge those awkward first date kisses like a pro, or escape from an even more awkward date by climbing out of a toilet window? Whatever happens in life, there’s a workout for it. Virgin Active knows how to think outside of the box, supporting the campaign by creating 33 emojis specific to different exercises such as squats, burpees and yoga poses to further engage audiences through social media.

3. Center Parcs TV Advert 2015 – Bears

Center Parcs is getting families together again as its promotes short-break holidays this year. The video follows a family of bears, struggling to connect with one another amidst the hustle and bustle of every-day life. As we move into 2016, we’re already seeing brands like Center Parcs encouraging viewers to return to their roots to solve the problem. The theme tune “True Colours” by Ben Madeley emphasises this point further. Published just two days before Christmas, this ad combines the familiar with the surreal to great success, and gives us a glimpse into what we can expect from advertisers in 2016.

4. Protein World, New Year, New You

Protein World’s ‘Beach Body Ready’ poster caused huge controversy last year, sparking an investigation by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). They’re back with a different approach in 2016 for their “New Year, New You” ad, which aired in the UK on MTV and Channel 5 on January 1st . Whilst the spot features models with impeccable physiques, lucky enough to be working up a sweat on the beach, it’s key focus is to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for the New Year. Despite a controversial reputation, Protein World promotes steady progression and realistic fitness goals in its latest spot. The campaign spans across international markets including the US, Germany and France, and was previewed to audiences through social media by the chief executive of Protein World, Arjun Seth, sparking conversation ahead of the full release.

Link: https://twitter.com/arjun_seth/status/683791907911282688

5. British Airways Holiday TV advert

Tempted to go on holiday this year, but can’t seem to find the time to plan ahead? British Airways knows how to take the stress off the consumer, as demonstrated in its latest Holiday TV ad. Whilst it may lack the sentimental appeal of Center Parcs’ bears or the playful nature of Thomas Cook’s young superstar, this is a brand that know how to reach its consumers. Aired during the final ever episode of Downton Abbey on ITV on Christmas Day, the spot was created by BBH and is timed perfectly to appeal to those looking for an excuse to jet set. The video is set to Jake Bugg’s “Lightning Bolt” and channels a subtly adventurous vibe, calling out to fatigued couples around the world. In BA’s words, they will handle the logisitcs, you just need to handle the holiday.