Top 5 Global Videos - October 2015

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

1) Barbie - 9
2) Toyota - 8.7
3) Similac - 8.5
4) Extra Gum - 8.2
5) H&M - 8

Each month Be On rates the top 5 global pieces of branded video content. Be On’s ranking is based on an internally developed scorecard, where the videos are evaluated based on six general criteria (Instant Attractions, Audience Retention, Storytelling, Shareability, Production, Overall campaign) measuring the campaign’s online success. The rating is from 1-10, where 1 is the lowest.

1) Barbie: Imagine The Possibilities

What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything? Asks Barbie, in their latest campaign. ‘The Possibilities’ uses hidden cameras to capture looks of amazement and oar, as young girls act out the scenarios they conjure up whilst playing with their dolls. Whether it’s teaching as a professor, helping animals as a veterinarian, or coaching a football team, these girls aren’t afraid to think big. As one of the first dolls to represent the working woman and manufactured by Mattel, Barbie stay true to their values over fifty-six years since the doll’s debut. Created by, BBDO San Francisco, the spot empowers young girls to set themselves ambitious goals for the future and has subsequently received praise from top fashion, lifestyle and media outlets around the world for inspiring a generation of girls. #GirlPossible demonstrates Barbie’s commitment to positive brand values through engaging storytelling.

2) Toyota: Fueled By The Future | Back to the Future presented by Toyota Mirai
Ad Agency: Droga5, New York

A healthy dose of nostalgia never fails to create a connection with audiences, which is why October 212015 is an important date for Toyota. A memorable day for anyone who has ever watched Back to the Future: Part I. Toyota has tapped into the hype surrounding the film’s anniversary by showcasing a special version of the new Mirai saloon. This automotive manufactureruses high-pressure hydrogen and an electric motor, a nod to the famous DeLorean. Toyota’s journey to the future includes the stars from the original movie, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, discussing the predictions the film anticipated for the future, back in 1989. Working with blogger, Mischa Pollack of Go Tech Yourself, the brand recreated famous scenes from the movie and reimagines them with the Toyota Mirai. Released on the 20th October, the ad has over 4 million YouTube views so far. It has been well received by media and praised for being so creatively aligned with the Back to the Future franchise, especially as it demonstrates how a prediction from the film is so close to being realised in modern society.

3) Similac: The #EndMommyWars Film

Infant formula brand, Similac, join forces with award-winning director Cynthia Wade, putting an end to judgemental parenting. Running just over seven minutes, this ad takes a documentary style approach, sharing personal stories off the back of finding that 95% of mums say they feel judged when it comes to parenting. A great example of authentic storytelling, the spot takes a deep dive into the reasons mothers use formula milk and considers the pressures of striking a healthy work/life balance in today’s society. Similac capture private moments that are sure to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings. Tackling the notoriously controversial topic of breastfeeding, Similac use real life mothers to challenge their viewer’s perceptions of formula milk and encourage people to be empathetic towards one another. This spot spreads positivity, showing there’s no correct way of parenting and has proved a hit with consumers. #EndMommyWars has picked up attention on social media with over 1.6 million views on Facebook and over 28.5K shares within the first five days of being released.

4) Extra Gum: The Story Of Sarah & Juan
Ad Agency: Energy BDDO

A romantic tale following the journey of two people that not only tugs on the heartstrings, but allows viewers to emotionally invest in their story. This long anticipated film is the follow up to Extra Gum’s‘Origami’advert, released over two years ago. In just less than two minutes, the audience are shown the many difficult situations this unique couple are forced to confront. Throughout the spot, the viewer sees their personal love story develop as Juan romantically draws on Extra Gum wrappers during certain poignant moments of their relationship. At the end of the film, Sarah is presented with a gallery of Juan’s drawings, with the final one depicting an image of him proposing. The video triggers the audience to think about special connections, leading to a positive association with the brand. The video was viewed 3.3 million times in its first week and created a surge of interest with fans using the hashtag #GiveExtraGetExtra. The brand further capitalised on the campaign by rewarding fans with custom-made wrappers and created a special design for top US TV host Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi.

5) H&M: Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham
Ad Agency: Adam & Eve/ DDB

High street fashion brand, Hennes and Mauritz, have created a hilarious ad starring infectious duo, David Beckham and Kevin Hart. David Beckham’s long-standing relationship with the fashion chain continues with the recent release of new range, Modern Essentials. But this time H&M has decided to focus on the iconic footballer’s comedic talents in addition to his good looks. The sketch sees US comic Kevin Hart spending quality time with Beckham in their favourite new pieces from the collection, as Kevin prepares to take on his role as Beckham, in a fictitious movie of his life. Through witty dialogue, the film takes the audience on a tongue-and-cheek journey of the football legend’s day-to-day life. It cleverly shows the diversity of the range from formal to casual clothing, while captivating audiences with a genuine piece of entertaining content. By utilising its partnership with David Beckham, H&M continues to establish itself as a strong fashion brand, by injecting humour and personality into their campaign. Before the release, the ad was supported by A-listers on social media, using the hashtag #twins to create a buzz around the campaign. At the time of writing, the video has garnered 4,797,789 views on YouTube and 18,280 likes.