Top 5 Global Videos - September 2015

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Each month Be On rates the top 5 global pieces of branded video content. Be On’s ranking is based on an internally developed scorecard, where the videos are evaluated based on six general criteria (Instant Attractions, Audience Retention, Storytelling, Shareability, Production, Overall campaign) measuring the campaign’s online success. The rating is from 1-10, where 1 is the lowest.

1) Gatorade 9.2
2) H&M 9
3) Nike 8.7
4) Beats Rugby 8.6
5) FIFA 16 8.2

1) Gatorade: Serena Williams, Unmatched
Ad Agency: TBWA/Chiat/ Day Los Angeles
Rating: 9.2

Here’s a brand that knows how to cross borders with their content. Gatorade’s latest #WinFromWithin campaign stars world tennis champion, Serena Williams, coinciding with the US Open Tournament. The video is part of a series of short virals that document the champion’s rise to fame. Serena captivates a global audience and Gatorade know how to make the most of her unique story. Unmatched takes a deep dive into the highs and lows of being one of the world’s top professional athletes. The viewer gets a glimpse of real life footage of her playing as a teen in Compton, alongside precious moments of frustration and glory. Whilst Sisterhood touches upon her competitive relationship with Venus, Visualisation homes in on the influence of her father and Determination rounds off the journey by exploring how it feels to be at the top. Gatorade capture Serena’s life story with their own narrative, captivating their strong subscriber network of over 77,000.

2) H&M: Close the Loop
Ad Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg
Rating: 9

Hennes & Mauritz are leading the way with this captivating spot and bringing diversity to branded content. This spot by Swedish super agency, Forsman and Bodenfors, declares it OK to break the fashion rules and be yourself. And the video itself leads by example with one of the most diverse casts in fashion history singer Iggy Pop, narrating the video, alongside additional influencers such as Blogger Pardeep Singh Bahra, emerging Designer Loza Maleombho, the body positive model Tess Holliday and Artist Daniel Lismore. For an industry that is known for its lack of diversity in its imagery, H&M declares a victorious rebellion against the rules. They’ve created a piece that speaks to its global audiences and manages to stand out. The spot supports H&M’s “Close the Loop” collection and their global recycling initiative, highlighting the brand’s efforts to create a more sustainable fashion future. The video shows that there are no rules in fashion but one: to recycle your clothes.

3) Nike: Just Do It: Look At You Cry
Ad Agency: N/A
Rating 8.7

Being the best is never easy and those that strive to achieve greatness must cultivate the art of remaining positive. That’s the message behind Nike’s latest Just Do It campaign in Korea. Nike expertly captures the sentiment behind sport and it’s a message that translates across borders, cultures and genders. Whether you’re a man or woman dedicated to softball, football or athletics, it’s neither skill nor gender that makes a winner. In just over ninety seconds, the viewer is bombarded with high intensity clips of athletes facing criticism. However, by the end of the video, those that stay focused and “Just Do It”, come out triumphant. With 1.8 million views, Nike tell a simple but effective story, reaching out to their global audience. And for those that might not strive to be a top athlete, they can certainly emphasise with facing negativity head on. Whilst this may not be the most innovative tale to feature in this month’s top five, Nike’s universal message secures their spot in the top three. They’ve found a formula that works and it will be interesting to see what they come up with for future campaigns.

4) Beats by Dre: Chris Robshaw in The Game Starts Here | Rugby
Ad Agency: R/GA London
Rating 8.6

Chris Robshaw, captain of the England national rugby union team, stars in Beats by Dre’s, latest campaign. Here’s another brand exploring the complex nature of pressure. Whether it’s staying dedicated to a gruelling fitness regime, dusting off those war wounds or ignoring the headlines, it’s the encouragement of your friends, family and nation, that keep a winner focused. The video is part of the #TheGameStartsHere campaign, also featuring Richie McCaw and an exclusive Haka chant written for Beats, by Kapa Haka leader and Haka composer, Inia Maxwell. And Serena Williams stars in yet another video this month. Evidently talent, combined with authentic storytelling and original music, are all key to notching up those videos views. Combined, these three videos have over 25.7 million views, each giving viewers a unique glimpse into the lives of those that win gold for their nation. Viewers are thirsty for intel on their heroes and value a story they can relate to on an individual level.

5) EA Sports: FIFA 16 - Play Beautiful
Ad Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam
Rating: 8.2

EA Sports launches this year’s version of its FIFA football game with a glorious advert that sets the beautiful game of football to a spectacular operatic soundtrack. The ad, by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam and directed by Traktor, plays to a rewrite of Figaro’s Aria from Rossini’s opera The Barber of Seville, aptly renamed as “Fifaro”. The video features special appearances from famous players such as Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and women’s football star, Alex Morgan, to celebrate the launch of female players to the game. Icons like NBA star Kobe Bryant and Pele, also make an appearance, making this spot the first one to host a reunion of sorts for Bryant and Messi, who have appeared together in numerous ads; most notably the “Kobe vs Messi: Selfie Shootout” from 2013 by Turkish Airlines and YouTube’s ad of the decade, as a part of the platforms 10th anniversary last year.