TOP 5 GLOBAL VIDEOS - April 2015

Friday, 1 May 2015

Each month Be On rates the top 5 global videos. Be On’s ranking is based on an internally developed scorecard, where the videos are evaluated based on six general criteria (Instant Attractions, Audience Retention, Storytelling, Shareability, Production, Overall campaign) measuring the campaign’s online success. The rating is from 1-10, where 1 is the lowest.

Nike 9
Pandora 8.8
Fixodent 8.7
Samsung 8.5
Adidas 8.4

1. Ripple by Nike
Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Rating: 9

Created by Wieden + Kennedy and released ahead of the 2015 Masters, Nike’s two-minute ad documents the rise of young Northern Irish professional golfer, Rory McIlroy. Through shear hard work and the drive to succeed, Rory transforms from a youth that idolises the legendary Tiger Woods, watching his every match on TV, to playing alongside him in a real-life golfing tournament. Based on genuine admiration, Nike associates their company with a positive go-getting attitude; a prominent theme in this month’s Top 5 when it comes to sports brands. This heart-warming campaign inspires confidence in its audience that patience really does pay off. The video mimics reality by replicating shots of Rory practising with a plastic golf set in his family living room and putting balls into the washing machine, creating a genuinely emotional response from the viewer. A melodic piano score, composed by Ludovico Einaudi, heightens the atmospheric tone of the film. With nearly 1.5 million views in the first two days of its release and thousands of shares on social media, Nike certainly knows how to tug at their audience’s heart-strings through real life story-telling.

2. The Unique Connection by Pandora
Ad Agency: N/A
Rating: 8.8

In “The Unique Connection”, Danish jewellery brand, Pandora, utilises the power of “fem-vertising”. Taking inspiration from the most shared video campaign of 2013, Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” (, Pandora has managed to produce an extremely moving short video ad, which tugs at the heart strings of the viewer. The concept is simple: to demonstrate the unique bond between mother and child.

Pandora’s jewellery is only subtly present in the video and uses female empowerment and emotion to sell the brand. When the consumer believes the ad promotes a positive message for women, this impacts positively on the brands’ reputation and subsequently, their sales. Dove, for instance, managed to almost double its sales since they launched their first “Real Beauty Campaign”, back in 2004.

Today, women control up to 85 percent of household purchasing decisions and they’re vocal about the types of ads they want to see. The advert has been hugely successful. Launched on April 15th on the brand’s Facebook page and Youtube, the video has since been watched approx 5000 times each minute on average and is closing in on 10 million Youtube and 15 million Facebook views.

3. Saving Aslan by Fixodent
Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Italy
Rating: 8.7

“Saving Aslan” is the story of a rare white lion that lost its canine teeth, lucky enough to have his bite saved by a doting dental operation. Aslan, a resident of the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary on the outskirts of Pretoria, had been in pain since his canine teeth broke a year ago. The pain had resulted in the nine-year-old male lion becoming isolated, aggressive and agitated by its inability to bite down.

Proctor and Gamble made a brave move when they said yes to this video campaign. First of all, it is almost six minutes long in length and focuses solely on the lion. And secondly, its to promote a less than exciting denture-adhesive brand called, Fixodent.

However, what emerges is a beautifully compassionate and intense short film that succeeds in making the viewer feel like Fixodent understands the emotional and physical impact of tooth loss. This is a campaign that helps a product transcend its image for the better, using animals to evoke empathy from the viewer and therefore repelling the stigma around the subject.

4. GS6 Edge Unboxing Parkour Tour by Samsung
Rating: 8.5
Ad Agency: McKinney

Finally, a camera that moves with you; consumers can breathe a sigh of relief. But they better recover quickly. With the ability to scale buildings through optical image stabalisation, Samsung’s latest S 6 Edge model adapts to the user’s surroundings, capturing real life moments accurately. Samsung adopt a documentary style for their latest campaign, tracking one daring man as he races parkour style across the city. In much the same way as Nike, this brand’s mixture of realism and high production value culminates in an impressive 90 second spot. Starting off slowly, the video builds momentum as the narrator begins explaining the key features of the device, to spontaneously jumping out of a window on to a roof top. And so begins a minute and a half of hedonism. Shot in a SpiderManesc’ style, the protagonist is quick and sleek as he glides through the city meeting groups of people socialising in the sun and taking selfies. The viewer just sits back and soaks up the atmosphere of the video through the eyes of the parkour master, associating the product with excitement and popularity. However, with only 15.3K views, it would seem the parkour theme failed to engage their target audience. Regardless, Samsung managed to fuse realism with a surreal style of storytelling this month, which is why they come in number four in this month’s Top 5.

5. Adidas – Here’s To The Takers
Rating: 8.4
Ad Agency: N/A

Whilst Nike opted for a traditional style of storytelling this month, competitor Adidas have taken a racier approach. Leo Messi, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Novak Djokovic and Jessica Ennis-Hill, are just some of the athletes featured in Adidas’ latest star studded viral hit. With fast-paced scenes cut seamlessly into one another, ‘Here’s To The Takers’, is high in energy, appealing to Adidas’ active and adrenaline seeking audience. No matter what your sport of choice, Adidas supports and encourages the love of the game. Running just over a minute, this video packs a punch, with a thumping soundtrack sure to get your pulse going. Adidas uses all the necessary tools to empower their viewer, with a high production value, channelling the message that good things come to those willing to take action. With a staggering 23 million views, working out at 42,000 views every hour, this is a great example of powerful brand messaging resonating with an online audience. And the campaign struck a chord on social media with thousands of fans, channelling the Takers message across Twitter and spreading inspirational quotes.